I would one hundred precent recommend Karim. He is very helpful and gives great advice and ideas for art works. I learned so much more about art and I really couldn't have finished my art portfolio without his help.

︎ Olivia
Diamond Bar, CA

We asked Karim to help our 9-year-old son to develop his overall drawing skills and encourage him to enjoy doing art. He had been working with Alex for the past 8 months. Our son really enjoys his lessons with Karim. He is patient, kind, efficient, and knowledgeable, and he answers all his questions. He has been introducing him various techniques that he is so excited to use and teach me after the session. We look forward to more sessions with him!

︎ Amanda D.
Atlanta, GA

I highly recommend Karim. He is creative, engaging, and knows so much about how and what to teach. My 13 year old son loves taking lessons from him! He comes prepared for every lesson and builds upon what was taught in the previous session.

︎ Kayle
Denver, CO

At first we were reluctant about online classes for our special needs daughter because focusing is hard for her. Karim has been an awesome teacher, so knowledgeable and patient. Our daughter is always excited about her classes, she says that she learns so many new and great ways to express herself though the art. Thank you so much, Karim, it has been a great experience for the whole family! Highly recommended!

︎ Maryorys
Norman, OK

Courtni H. has posted new feedback on your profile:
Knowledgeable and responsive. Nice person. Patient and thoughtful, good skills. Has obviously taught before! Thanks Karim! I look forward to learning more and creating great comic art.

︎ Courtni H.
Huntington Station, NY

Kennedy Center Installation, 2011

Arts of Life Print Program

Arts of Life Band

          Like many of my fellow educators, I came to teaching because of teachers that I had when I was growing up. I could say that the disappointing teachers definitely contributed to my ideas of what a teacher should be like, but it’s the amazing ones that made me want to be a teacher. For instance, my high school experience at Cleveland Humanities High School here in Los Angeles was outstanding. There was no rote memorization, we wrote essays as our tests. The instructors were definitely on the  left side of the political spectrum, but encouraged open debate and approached difficult discussions with intelligence, compassion, and humor.

          I went to college for Graphic Design, but fell in love with the Fine Arts teachers and ended up with a double major. After my undergraduate studies, I worked for several years at a program for artists with disabilities,

Arts of Life Chicago, which was an incredible learning experience. Their emphasis on empowering the voice of all participants and building community raised the bar on my expectations for art programming to a very high level.

           As Art Director at Arts of Life, I led all major art projects including an installation at the Kennedy Center and public murals at parks in Chicago. I started their music program, hosted a weekly podcast with our artists, started their printmaking program, hosted a monthly community event, and trained all volunteers and staff. Being part of a community structured around giving agency to all of its members really brought out the best in me.

          Before enrolling in graduate school, I was printmaking instructor for one year at ECF in downtown L.A. Throughout graduate school I was a TA every semester in either Graphic Design, Performance, or Creative Activism. After graduate school, I started Graphic Non-Violence which provides online and in-person art lessons, teaches activist printmaking with group workshops and makes graphic illustrations for inspirational programs around the country.

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