Student Work

Foundations in Art

The FOUNDATIONS COURSE is structured through the 7 elements of art.

We begin with study of Line (contour drawing, etc. ) then Shape ( using basic shapes to build a drawing), then Form ( learning to render), then Value (learning to show a range of values, then Texture (learning to control your mark-making), then Space (learning to show depth, linear perspective), and then Color (learning to mix colors). Once we pass color theory, I move into introductions to a variety of art materials including acrylic paint, sculpture, and printmaking.  

We usually warm up with cartooning exercises. The wild creativity afforded by cartoons allows the students to loosen up and have fun, which inspires them toward freer and bolder drawing when they take on the more focused parts of the lesson. Being present with the student’s ideas lets them feel seen and heard by me. I ask the student what they think about the work they are doing rather than give my expert opinion as the final say all the time. The student should feel emboldened to communicate concerns or ask questions about the content, instead of merely following along dutifully, yet not fully “getting it.”

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